Energy Intelligence for Manufacturing

Next generation software to generate energy and process insights in real-time that save time and money


Increase in process efficiency


Saving in energy consumption


Real-time visibility of saving opportunities

Intelligent Energy Management in Manufacturing


Plenty of data – not enough clarity

Between Energy Management Systems (EMSs), SCADA systems, BMS’s, data historians, maintenance management systems, ERP systems, having enough data simply isn’t a problem.  But is it actually adding any insights?  Do you even know the login to your EMS?  Yet I am sure you know full well that there are optimisations to be had.


Clarity Real-time Analytics

What if you could aggregate all that data into a specialist real-time analytics platform that turn the vast abundance of data you have into meaningful insights that are combined with engineering expertise to deliver and maintain material savings?  Crowley Carbon’s Clarity application does just that.


The solution lets you:

Analyse Energy and Process Performance

With flexible and robust industrial connectivity, Clarity can connect to a vast array of different systems to analyse performance in real-time.

Implement real-time predictive models

A comprehensive modelling engine allows you to implement predictive statisical models, integrated to live data, to instantly show where you are consuming too much

Turn data into action

With a powerful alerting engine, deviations from expected can be turned into actions and the recifications monitored in real time

We talk the language of manufacturing

Having many hundreds of implementations to our name, we have developed native connectivity for nearly everything you might have.  Not here?  Then we can build it.





Web Services

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