Continuous Improvement Software

Empowering manufacturers to achieve peak plant performance.


Real-time visibility of saving opportunities


Increase in process efficiency


Saving in energy consumption

The Challenge

Plenty of data – not enough Clarity

Between Energy Management Systems, SCADA systems, BMS’s, data historians, maintenance management systems, ERP systems, having enough data simply isn’t a problem.
But is it delivering value to maximise your plant performance?

The Solution

Clarity™ Real-time Insights:


How Clarity™ Works

Analyse Energy and
Process Performance

With flexible and robust industrial connectivity, Clarity can connect to a vast array of different systems to analyse performance in real-time.

Implement Real-time
Predictive Models

A comprehensive modelling engine allows you to implement predictive statisical models to instantly show where you are consuming too much.

Turn Data into

With a powerful alerting engine, deviations from expected can be turned into actions and the rectifications monitored in real time.

Automatically Gather Data

Clarity™ can dig out data from dark corners of your plant and organise it in one place. It is hardware agnostic and can integrate with your SCADA, LIMS and EMS as well logs, meters and utilities.

Give Value to your Data

Instantly transform vast quantities of raw data into actionable insights. Visualise your data in a meaningful way and generate easy-to-understand reports in minutes. Leverage the world’s best experts to make best practice, standard practice.

Real-time View of your Plant

Full view of your plant from a remote setting. See how your machinery is performing any time, anywhere, on desktop and mobile. Manage by exception with automated alerts that signal need for action.

Become the manufacturing EXPERT you were meant to be

What sets Clarity™ apart?

Leading Expertise

With decades of experience in their niche fields, our team consists of the world’s best expertise in process, refrigeration, compressed air and thermal systems.

Advanced Technology

Clarity™ is a powerful, easy to scale IoT system which can integrate into multiple systems, collect and clean machine data for human consumption.

Ongoing Support

From the factory floor to the global dashboard, we’re with you every step of the way. Gain a trusted partner who can provide an external perspective.

We talk the language of manufacturing

Having many hundreds of implementations to our name, we have developed native connectivity for nearly everything you might have. Not here? Then we can build it.





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