Cooling the Planet

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The world is changing AND it has set us a challenge

BEING brave, WE chose to accept IT and become part of the solution!

Crowley Carbon Founded in 2010
Crowley Carbon 250 Employees
Crowley Carbon Offices x 12
Crowley Carbon working with businesses

energy & cost savings

Crowley Carbon reduced our energy bill by €1 million/year which has ensured our competitiveness in the market place - the equivalent of planting 1,300,000 trees!

Crowley Solar


We are shaking things up & kickstarting an Irish solar revolution with our Crowley Solar division & in doing so, we want to inspire other businesses to do the same!

Crowley Carbon Cool Planet Experience


We founded the Cool Planet Experience to change the public & businesses perception of climate action & making sustainability so cool it becomes the norm!

Crowley Carbon Electrifi


Sometimes in order to change your view of the world - you need a shock to the system. This is exactly what Crowley Carbon are doing with our Electrifi Hypercars.