Cooling the Planet

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The world is changing AND it has set us a challenge

BEING brave, WE chose to accept IT and become part of the solution!

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone ELSE will save it, THERE IS NO PLAN…ET B!

Crowley Carbon Founded in 2010
Crowley Carbon 250 Employees
Crowley Carbon Offices x 12
Crowley Carbon working with businesses

energy & cost savings

Crowley Carbon reduced our energy bill by €1 million/year which has ensured our competitiveness in the market place - the equivalent of planting 1,300,000 trees!

Crowley Solar


We are shaking things up & kickstarting an Irish solar revolution with our Crowley Solar division & in doing so, we want to inspire other businesses to do the same!

Crowley Carbon Cool Planet Experience


We founded the Cool Planet Experience to change the public & businesses perception of climate action & making sustainability so cool it becomes the norm!

Crowley Carbon Electrifi


Sometimes in order to change your view of the world - you need a shock to the system. This is exactly what Crowley Carbon are doing with our Electrifi Hypercars.


since 2010 we have saved


210,007 tonnes of CO2

The equivalent to planting 1,050,035 trees


559,503,420 kwh

The equivalent to turning off Dublin City for 21 days


$35.9 million

The equivalent to switching 1073 petrol cars to electric cars