ClarityNow is our proven 12-week process to prove the value of data-led efficiency in industrial and manufacturing sites.  We can remotely connect, analyse and spot opportunities using your existing systems.


You know that there is huge value in optimising your energy and processes but you need to be able to sell this to the CFO, or someone who is going to sign off the spend.   You want to be able to demonstrate this value in as low risk way as possible.  You may have multiple sites that this would work on but need a really robust business case to sell it as you have tried this sort of thing before and it never really worked.


ClarityNow: a 12-week Proof-of-Value (PoV) programme designed to get you from start to meaningful insights and a roll-out business case at minimal risk.  This programme brings together our Clarity software, out data-science and energy/process engineering expertise to deliver actionable insights that more than pay for the programme.  We also have options around finance, shared savings, guarantees and insurance to help make doing the right thing an easy decision!

4 Weeks

1 - Data Audit

Remote analysis of what you currently have

2 - Value Proposition

Based on the data audit we formulate value propostion 

3 - Solution Architecture

Based on the value propostion

4 - Connect and Configure

Connect Clarity to your systems

2 Weeks

5 - Build Process Digital Twin

Level 1 – based on existing data

6 Weeks

6 - Build Process Digital Twin

Level 2 – based on level 1 plus first principal models

7 - Build Clarity Analytics

Dashboards and Reporting based on the value proposition

8 - Optimise

Demand Side
Management, process & Maintenance