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Case Study: How Hibernia Steel generated 40% self-sufficiency with Solar

How it works?

Generate solar energy using your roof or some land, and achieve your energy and carbon saving goals. For each m2 of area you can generate approximately 380 watts of electricity. The price you will get for every kWh generated will be €0.10. A 2000 m2 solar array on your roof would equate to 760kWp and be worth €76,000 each year.

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Did you know?

 The average home with a solar PV system installed could reduce carbon emissions by 1.3 tonnes per year. This is equivalent to the amount of CO2 emissions that come from using 536 gallons of petrol or charging 607,904 smartphones. Now imagine what solar can do for your factory or office building.

How Clarity™ helps you with Solar PV 

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  • Tracking and warning for maintenance
  • Avoidance of unnecessary cleaning or maintenance
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  • Solar performance calculations adjusted for temperature
  • Deviation reports
Clarity Crowley Carbon


  • Integration with on-site solar systems and interfaces
  • API and licencing to solar irradiance data