Deliver savings to the bottom line with zero risk

Is your capex budget tight in the current climate?  But you still want to save?  No problem. Crowley Carbon’s Clarity Plus shared saving mechanism allows you to start saving from day one without spending a bean.


Capex required

days to value


Proposed savings insured

Intelligent Energy in Manufacturing


You don’t quite believe all our hype?

This all sounds too good to be true.  The software looks amazing, the expertise is clear, the track record is second to none.  But you are still not quite sure.  You don’t really think it is possible to save that much as you have had people trying to do it for years.


We’ll take the risk

That’s it.  No win no fee.  We will fund the project, build the models, spot the opportunities and make you savings.  All we ask is a share of those savings in return.


The solution lets you:

Deliver instant ROI

No need for a discount cashflow, you only pay when the savings start being made

Get world-beating software for "free"

The software is part of the deal and can be used for more than shared savings – you can use it to keep an eye on all your processes

Accelerate your sustainable credentials

Now you can make carbon savings with no investment you have no reason not to!