We take Health & Safety so seriously - we actually developed our own safety brand.

Real Safe Crowley Carbon

In Crowley Carbon we work with dangerous equipment that can cause serious injury or a fatality in a moments lack of concentration. Therefore we have developed our own safety brand in 2019 to empower our people & make safety something that we all have a part to play in.

Our programme empowers our staff to reduce risk & remove the stereotypical safety image. It is dedicated to avoiding accidents, injuries & work-related illnesses on all projects & client sites.                                                                                         

Health & safety crowley carbon

Everything we do has safety at the forefront & is a part of our company DNA. Our brand is REAL - SAFE - ALWAYS. With this brand we want to give our clients & our staff the assurances that with safety it will always be real, no bulls**t, with our aim to prevent injury & reduce risk.