Refrigeration optimisation

Got a big fridge bill?
We’ve got you covered.

Our Clarity platform and refrigeration experts can make your chiller sing and guarantee the results, without even visiting your facilities.


(or more) Increase in fridge efficiency


Increase in useful life


Real-time visibility of saving opportunities

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Refrigeration


Refrigeration is a dark art

Lots of people know a bit about it but very few have a complete view of what can be done to optimise your refrigeration systems. Quite often, even relatively new equipment, isn’t running efficiently.


Combining real-time analytics with deep refrigeration engineering expertise

We provide a digital energy optimisation platform and expertise to go with it. Our refrigeration experts can perform magic on your systems using the data we get from Clarity. Not only will they spot and implement the opportunities, they will make the equipment last longer too.


The solution lets you:

Visualise Refrigeration Optimisations

Our Clarity platform allows you to see how much better your refrigeration equipment is running.

Guarantee and Insure Results

Our refrigeration engineering and process team offer services to find, implement and monitor the savings found – and will back the results with a guarantee and an insurance policy from axa


Energy Savings that go straight to the bottom line

Clarity combined with our savings services provide on-going and sustained energy savings to make you more efficient and increase you sustainable credentials.