Super-charge your energy, process and consumption data with PlanetClarity’s Resource Cloud.  Visualise, analyse, predict and act using our advanced suite of process and resource optimisation tools.

Built with our deep engineering experience in retrofitting manufacturing and industrial process sites, Crowley Carbon’s PlanetClarity™ offers industry’s first SaaS-based solution for real-time monitoring and analysis of energy consumption, providing insights into which machinery, process, product line, or site is currently not performing as expected

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Why PlanetClarity™

PlanetClarity™ delivers industrial-scale, tailored solutions that optimize and transform the way energy is consumed in industry in a cost-effective manner. Our platform analyzes everything from individual machines to entire sites, plants, and areas, enabling manufacturing setups to benefit from holistic, scalable energy management as they expand their operations.

  • Unparalleled transparency: Monitor and optimize the energy consumption and performance of your production lines – in real time, and at scale.
  • Integrated energy management: Track and analyze components, machines, production lines, sites, or areas – all in a single place.
  • Higher efficiency with automation: PlanetClarity™ helps you comply with predetermined limits for energy consumption automatically, without disrupting production.
  • Sustainable production: Link production data with energy data to unearth hidden opportunities to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Data-driven operational excellence: Track a variety of key metrics such as how much, when, and why energy is being used, which parts, machines, and processes consume the most energy, etc. to device highly effective optimization plans.
  • Guaranteed cost savings: Energy costs comprise a significant part of manufacturing production costs, so optimizing its consumption is guaranteed to have an impact on both top and bottom lines.

How PlanetClarity™ Works

Crowley Carbon’s teams of specialized technologists, subject matter experts, engineers, and managers have in-depth knowledge on solving problems around energy management, asset management, and yield optimization, and an international bank of experience in dealing with air compressors, air handling systems, boilers, cogen, powerGen, lighting, motors, process plant, refrigeration, and solar. We initiate and implement multiple projects together to achieve a significant impact on the energy consumption of most industrial setups.

Our energy managers deliver insights on your energy performance to drive and support ongoing energy cost savings.

In a nutshell, PlanetClarity™ works in five simple steps:

  1. Connect – The PlanetClarity™ edge node is connected to the facility to start gathering all necessary operational data, with new metering installed if necessary.
  2. Twin Design – The PlanetClarity™ team works with the onsite engineers to map all important data and build digital twins of the assets and processes that are to be monitored.
  3. Analyze – Using live and historic data and a combination of tools, predictive process models are built to determine optimum performance equations under various conditions.
  4. Build – The models built using various analysis tools are then folded back into PlanetClarity™ for a full-process digital twin to be built, where live data feeds the predictive models, and real-life performance is monitored.
  5. Monitor – Customized dashboards, alerts, and reports are built to analyze the metrics that matter.

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