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Energy is in HVAC


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3 Ways to Optimize Energy Consumption in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


75% of you energy costs are HVAC

Typically 75% of a pharmaceutical plant’s energy consumption is associated with HVAC i.e. heating, cooling, moving, drying or humidifying air.  This is due to the very high specifications required for air in internal spaces that may be in contact with the product.
While pharmaceutical companies are, understandably, focused on ensuring that this air quality is never compromised there are still significant opportunities to minimise energy consumption – while still maintaining air quality.


    Build digital models and feed them live data

    Modelling of individual HVAC system components so now you have an accurate prediction of the overall refrigeration plant performance you will start to see deviations between the actual and predicted (over time) as the plant conditions start to change i.e.

    • Condensers foul
    • Air ingress occurs on the low temperature side 
    • Compressors degrade 
    • Oil carries over to evaporators
    • Automation switched off and compressor sequencing not as it should be 


    The solution lets you:

    Build Predictive Models

    Get insights by building individual models of each of the major components i.e. the compressors and condensers.

    Identify what drives overall plant energy consumption

    A  robust method of tracking energy consumption is to use statistical analysis tools.

    Never compromise quality

    And all this without every comprmising the most imporatant thing….quality

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