Is some of your profit melting away?

Through excess gas in the furnace, electricity on the cooling fans, and inadequate control. We can help you reduce up to 10% of those losses.


Saving in energy consumption


Real-time visibility of saving opportunities

Furnace Optimisation in Glass Container Production


Knowing exactly what is going on in your furnace

Energy in the form of gas used in your furnace and electricity on the cooling fans is treated as secondary to the glass making process. But at what cost to your business?


Digital Process and Energy Optimisation

We can work with you to connect your existing systems to our Clarity platform and use our data science, modelling and furnace and combustion engineering experts to help identify clear and meaningful actions to reduce your losses.


The solution lets you:

Control your furnace against a model

By using both first principal and empirical models your operators can optimise the control of the furnace

Visualise Data

You can visualise your consumption and quality data in real time, in once place

Spot opporunities

Through easy access to data and data analysis, you can quickly spot, track and implement savings opportunities

$500k in Savings for a Glass Container Manufacturer!

How Crowley Carbon reduced energy consumption for a glass container maker and saved them almost half a million dollars