Get Your Factory to Net Zero Carbon

Carbon Reduction | Energy Efficiency | Electrification

Carbon Reduction
Energy Efficiency

Case Study: How improved energy efficiency led to €350,000 annual savings for a large agri-business

Most Requested Services

Refrigeration Optimisation

Solar Photovoltaic

Compressed Air optimisation

Electric Heat Pump

Grid Services/Vehicle to Grid

We are an engineering services company underpinned by a powerful software platform – Clarity™ – that specialises in helping food and beverage companies reach net zero carbon, energy efficiency, process optimisation and continuous improvement.

How we get your factory to net zero

We get your factory to net zero in a way that minimises your costs and maximises your savings, at the speed required to meet the expectations of your stakeholders.

Understand your current emissions
Analyse pathways to net zero and set targets
Develop your net zero roadmap
Feasibility studies and Investment Grade Audits
Implement Changes

Start small

Getting to Net-Zero Carbon doesn’t need to start with a multi-million euro/dollar project spanning your whole portfolio of sites.


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