Energy Optimisation

Gain visibility about your energy waste, and what you can do about it.

Gain visibility about your energy waste, and what to do about it.

Case Study: How you can save 17% in energy costs without installing any major equipment!


Energy Savings or More


Energy Optimisation


Real-time Visibility of Saving Opportunities

Not enough time or expertise

You have a factory or process to run. You don’t have time, resource or expertise to focus on energy savings even though you know they are there. Your most important job is to ensure the production or process target is being met.

The Solution: Combine real-time analtyics with energy engineering expertise

We provide a digital energy optimization platform and expertise to go with it. Although you may have expertise and time to use the platform to make savings we recognise that that is not always the case so we combine the technology with a service to deliver and guarantee savings. Our energy analysts understand that you can’t separate process from consumption and can work with you do deliver meaningful savings.

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What our team can do for you

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Visualise Opportunities

Our Clarity platform allows you to acquire and analyze your energy data in real time and make it visible to all stakeholders.

Guarantee & Insure Results

Our engineering and process team offer services to find, implement and monitor the savings found – and will back the results with a guarantee and an insurance policy from AXA.

Rapid Delivery

Our 12-week proof of value model delivers savings from day one

30%+ energy savings

We deliver real savings through optimisations


We give you greater visibility of you operating plant than ever before

Guaranteed and Insured

We don’t leave it to chance, we guarantee the outcomes