Supercharge your plant’s energy efficiency

Energy Minimisation | Smart Use of Electricity | Data Integration

Energy Minimisation
Smart Use of Electricity
Data Integration

What we do

Energy Minimisation

Overall site energy management

Utility optimisation: refrigeration, boilers, compressed air and motors

Project identification and execution

Data Integration

Data Integration

 Site and enterprise-wide aggregation of data

Visualization, analysis and reporting

Measuring and validation solutions

Smart use of Electricity

Renewable power generation and storage

Smart grid: Site and electric vehicle integration

Electrification of heat pumps and boilers

How we do it

Examine your plant’s system and its interactions so that we can adapt operation to minimise energy use with current equipment and recommend investments that will achieve step changes.

Consolidate all the relevant data to allow the plant to respond to changing conditions and stay at peak performance.

Advise on the cutting edge of renewable energy systems and how they can be profitably applied.

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How Clarity™ helps you with energy management

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Remote data integration

Clarity™ collates data from all sources, ensuring consistency of format and time/date, so data from different sources can be directly compared.


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Modelling & Analytics

A combination of machine learning and energy expertise is used to model your systems, allowing you to forecast energy use and track energy efficiency.


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Real-time performance alerts

‘Watchers’ are set to provide automated fault detection and diagnosis, informing you when energy consumption deviates from the forecast model. This provides sustained energy savings.


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Automated Reports

Automated reports can be generated at any time interval, allowing you to keep on top of energy efficiency. When corrective action is taken, you will automatically see the results.


Case Studies

How Clarity™ Boost saved a glass bottling site €65,000 through air compressor optimisation

How Clarity™ Boost created $50,000 in annual electricity savings through cooling fan optimisation

How Clarity™ Boost saved a UAE food company €40k by optimising their glycol pumps.