Are you leaving millions of dollars/euros on the table?

Through steam, electrical, hexane, yield losses and inefficiencies. The good news?  30% of those losses can be quickly and easily reclaimed with minimal capex.


(up to) Saving in energy consumption


Real-time visibility of saving opportunities

3 Steps to (Processing) Heaven


Energy is out of control

Energy is a major element of your cost base (10-20% of gross margin) but it can sometimes feel that that there is no way to control it.  

Change your incoming beans or seeds and your energy KPI’s shoot up – due to varying moisture and protein contents – it can sometimes feel that simple energy KPI’s don’t tell you the full story, because….they don’t!


Digital Process and Energy Optimisation

We can work with you to connect your existing systems to our Clarity platform and use our data science and edible oil expert team to help identify clear and meaningful actions to reduce your losses.


The solution lets you:

Visualise Opportunities

Our Clarity platform allows you to acquire and analyze your energy data in real time and make it visible to all stakeholders.

Guarantee and insure results

Our engineering and process team offer services to find, implement and monitor the savings found – and will back the results with a guarantee and an insurance policy from axa.

€1.4 Million in Energy Savings for a Leading Edible Oils Firm

See how Crowley Carbon saved an Edible Oils Plant more than €1 million in energy costs!