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Case Study: Earn revenue from your energy assets through Demand Side Response

How it works?

A Demand Side Unit (DSU) is a site, such as a commercial building or factory, that can be instructed to temporarily reduce electricity demand. In the event a demand reduction is needed (when there is increased demand on the grid), participant DSUs will temporarily switch off, turn down non-essential power or make use of independent standby power generators, and get paid to do so.

What we do

We  reward commercial and industrial electricity consumers (Hospitals, hotels, quarries, cement works, manufacturing and processing plants, food production companies, cold stores etcs) for their capability and availability to reduce demand if called upon to do so.

Get paid per megawatt of electricity made available to the Grid – are you eligible?

You are eligible for payment if you can reduce your average electricity demand by at least 50KW or over and you can answer YES to any of these questions:

Do you have a generator that can reduce your electricity demand?

Do you have a plant or equipment that when switched off will significantly reduce your electricity consumption?

Do you have a process which you could delay for up to 2 hours?

Do you have a generator you can switch on and plant or equipment you can switch off? If so you could be rewarded for both!

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Benefits of being a Demand Side Unit (DSU)

Reduced energy bills

Greater control over the energy you use and produce

Financial rewards for being able to reduce demand when needed

Income will be earned from simply being able to reduce demand with up to 60 minutes notice for a period not exceeding 2 hours

Reimbursed for fuel cost if a generator is called upon

Only called into use during an emergency

No capital outlay for your organisation

Play your part for the environment and gain green credentials