You could be wasting 40% of your air

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Energy Efficiency Upgrades
Leak Testing
Real-time Analytics

How it works

Depending on your industry compressed air could be up to 50% of your electrical consumption on site. Lack of proper commissioning, maintenance issues and air leaks can account for 40% of this load. We use data (from your compressors, flow meters etc) to optimise your systems and deliver energy savings.

What we do

Identify and resolve air leaks

Optimise required pressures

Review and optimise piping systems

Recover and reuse heat

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Issues with Compressed Air

Incorrect Installation

Lack of Monitoring

Poor Maintenance

Clarity™ helps you:

Clarity Crowley Carbon

Build predictive models

Get insights by building individual models of each of the major components i.e. the compressors and condensers.

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Identify what drives overall plant energy consumption

A robust method of tracking energy consumption is to use statistical analysis tools.

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Turn your data into action

Bring those models to life i.e. feed them with live pressure, temperature data from the plant and calculate dynamically and continuously the predicted plant performance – and compare it to the actual.

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