Taking Commercial Buildings to Net Zero 

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Carbon Neutrality
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Energy Efficiency

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Use real-time data and powerful alerting to monitor electricity and reduce costs.

Solar Photovoltaic

Reduce your building’s electricity and carbon footprint by utilising roof space for solar panels.

HVAC Optimisation

Boost your HVAC system’s efficiency and reduce costs with our powerful cloud-based software.

Electric Heat Pump

Electrification of Heat Pumps

Reduce carbon emissions by replacing gas-burning heating systems with electrified heat-pumps.

LED Lighting

LED retrofits have a high return on investment and are up to 90% more efficient.

Data Integration

Data Integration

Consolidate your building’s data to produce an energy model and predict energy consumption.

We are an engineering services company underpinned by a powerful software platform – Clarity™ – that helps commercial buildings improve energy efficiency, lower energy consumption, maximize ROI and achieve net zero carbon.

What Clarity™ can do for you

Clarity™ leverages data to optimise your systems and transform your buildings into smart buildings.

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Clarity™ is hardware agnostic and can integrate with any system in your building to gather data from dark corners.

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Gain real-time visibility into your building operations with energy use and system performance data all in one place.

Clarity Crowley Carbon


Identify energy saving opportunities, receive fault detection alerts and see system deviations in real-time.

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Reduce energy costs, building operating costs and carbon emissions while increasing reliability, resiliency and comfort.

How we help your buildings achieve net-zero carbon

We tailor engineering solutions to your building’s needs and your budget, focusing on cost-effective solutions to lower energy consumption by up to 25% and achieve carbon reduction goals.

Roadmap Development

Cost Estimation

Efficiency Audits

Solar Photovoltaic

Portfolio Assessment

Energy Modelling

Building Electrification

LED Lighting

Achieve carbon neutrality

Reduce energy consumption