Are your building energy costs sky high?

Through data and analytics, savings of up to 25% can be achieved.


Energy use outside normal operating times


(up to) Saving in energy consumption


Real-time visibility of saving opportunities

How Commercial Centres Can Save Buckets


Most commercial buildings are empty more often than they are full.

Typically, 40% of all energy use occurs outside of normal operating times. While systems sometimes have two or three operating conditions throughout the year, true dynamic tuning – where setpoints are monitored and adjusted in real-time – is rarely achieved.

Energy conservation strategies often revolve around projects that are physically visible – such as LED lighting upgrades and solar installations – and high cost. However, these measures often have lower savings potential, and longer payback periods.


Turn data into action

Commercial buildings often have plenty of valuable data, stored in silos such as building management systems, lighting controllers, local chiller controls and energy management systems.

By consolidating this data, we can use advanced statistical modelling to produce an energy model. This energy model can predict energy consumption based on specific key drivers, and better track your energy use by identifying outliers.

We can remotely connect your existing systems to our Clarity platform, and use our data science and energy engineering teams to help identify clear and meaningful actions to reduce your losses.

The solution lets you:

Build Predictive Models

Get insights by building individual models of each of the major components.

Identify what drives overall plant energy consumption

A robust method of tracking energy consumption is to use statistical analysis tools.

Spot Opportunities

Using advanced energy models, you can track, target and act on savings opportunities

The Business Benefits

Real, measurable savings

Our solutions have been deployed countless times to deliver real measurable savings to customers.


Rapid Delivery

Our 12-week proof of value model delivers savings from day one



We give you greater visibiity of you commercial buildings than ever before


25%+ energy savings

We deliver real savings through optimisations

Guaranteed and Insured

We don’t leave it to chance, we guarantee the outcomes