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Case Study: How a plastics manufacturing firm in Spain reduced total energy consumption by 24%

Identify energy saving and carbon reduction opportunities with our powerful analytics software Clarity™. Built with our deep engineering experience in retrofitting manufacturing and industrial process sites, Clarity™ can monitor and analyse everything from individual machines to entire sites across multiple locations and thousands of meter points with ease

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Clarity™ tracks your energy productivity, not just energy use. A rise in energy consumption does not necessarily indicate a drop in efficiency. Correlating energy data with internal and external influencing factors gives a fuller, more accurate view of how and where energy is consumed. Clarity™ seamlessly integrates with SCADA, production KPIs and financial tools to ensure accuracy and traceable results.

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Clarity™ not only monitors energy consumed by equipment, but also the condition of that equipment. It can detect cavitating pumps, cycling and hunting on refrigeration systems, poor power factor and leakage. The system provides fault detection and diagnosis (FDD). Not only improving energy efficiency but also providing targeteD maintenance. This increases your facility’s up-time while reducing maintenance costs.

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Instead of static setpoints, the Clarity™ platform acts on live data to dynamically tune your equipment and process controls.Through advanced modelling algorithms, production and environmental data is used to minimise peak loading of heating and cooling systems. In addition, the analytic capabilities of Clarity™ allow for tariff adjustments to limit loads at times where surcharges apply.