Process Efficiency in the Cloud

Optimise your energy, uptime and process efficiency by organising the data you already have to take meaningful action

Clarity Crowley Carbon

Clarity: engineering vision

Derived from deep engineering experience in retrofitting commercial and industrial process sites, Clarity is built from the ground up in the cloud and offers an unrivaled platform for industrial process companies to bring intelligence to their SCADA systems to reduce energy consumption, increase uptime and improve core process performance


Features & Benefits

Energy Savings

Find, measure and verify energy savings using our comprehensive energy optimisation platform. Want our help? Then we can guarantee them too, using our managed energy service.

Process Insights

Shine a light onto how your processes are performing and take action on the insights we can give you to decrease costs and improve yields using our Digital Twin modelling capability.


Predict future equipment failure and act before it happens reducing unscheduled downtime and keeping you plant operating at maximum effectiveness.

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