Our people are are the key driving force behind our success, take a look for yourself

Meet Mairéad, our Customer Success Manager. When she’s not in the office, Mairéad is an avid beekeeper on a mission to take climate action. Are you a Mairéad?

staff spotlight: solutions design engineer

Meet Dylan, one of our Solutions Design Engineers. He travels all over the world from Portugal to the USA giving our clients the solutions to all of their (energy use) problems & more. Are you a Dylan?


Meet Sanjana, one of our Energy Efficiency Analysts. She monitors & analsyes the energy performance of your company to save you money. Are you a Sanjana?

staff spotlight: solutions design intern

Meet Sam, one of our Intern Solutions Design Engineers. He’s conquering the world of process solutions by implementing his designs & working closely with the senior team. Are you a Sam?

Our Culture

We are a collection of innovative individuals working together to save the energy that big companies are wasting. Our motto is “Drive on to F**k” (DOTF) – it means we’re all in, we get stuff done & we don’t leave anyone behind (including our clients). We do stuff that’s different so that we’re not the same as everybody else. We work hard & we play even harder!

We take a no bulls**t approach to Cooling The Planet, one business at a time!


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