Are your refrigeration plants costing you millions?

In-depth data modelling and analysis can reduce this consumption by up to 15%
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Energy is in refrigeration


(up to) Saving in energy consumption


Real-time visibility of saving opportunities

3 Steps to (Refrigeration) Heaven


Refrigeration typically accounts for 30% of energy costs

It can sometimes feel that refrigeration power consumption is an uncontrolled cost centre. Power consumption can vary significantly with weather conditions, production changes, operator, and maintenance input (or lack of same!).

 The following are some of the issues which typically cause excessive energy consumption in brewery refrigeration plants:


  • Using simple energy KPI’s (kWh’s per hL) that do not highlight either energy losses or savings opportunities during dynamic conditions i.e. weather changes, production increases/decreases or product mix changes
  • No real understanding of how production modifications (e.g. changes to product mix) can vary energy consumption
  • Insufficient automation in place
  • Automation switched off (maybe only temporarily to begin with) and plants running in manual
  • Plants not dynamically adapting to changing weather and production conditions
  • Plant equipment consuming more power and water than designed to, due to lack of maintenance or incorrect installation.


Build digital models and feed them live data

Building models of individual refrigeration system components will give you an accurate view of the overall refrigeration plant performance. Then, you will start to see deviations between the actual and predicted (over time) performance as the plant conditions start to change i.e.

  • Condensers foul
  • Air ingress occurs on the low temperature side
  • Compressors degrade
  • Oil carries over to evaporators
  • Automation switched off and compressor sequencing not as it should be.


The solution lets you:

Build Predictive Models

Get insights by building individual models of each of the major components i.e. the compressors and condensers.

Identify what drives overall plant energy consumption

A  robust method of tracking energy consumption is to use statistical analysis tools.

Overlay live data onto models

Bring those models to life i.e. feed them with live pressure, temperature data from the plant and calculate dynamically and continuously the predicted plant performance – and compare it to the actual.

The Business Benefits

(Up to) 15% Energy Savings

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The solution gives you:


Rapid Delivery

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