Expertise on demand

Clarity Boost

Clarity Boost provides access to a range of expert services, from specialist engineering and data analysis, to EHS and compliance, through a flexible, on-demand and cost-effective service model. Whether you want to solve problems, access niche skills, drive efficiency or optimise processes, our experts are on hand to work with your site team.


Unless you are extremely fortunate, it’s unlikely that you have a PhD in Chemical Engineering and a Refrigeration Engineer with 30 years’ experience residing within your maintenance or engineering teams. Now you can have both, for a fraction of the cost it would be to hire them.

Traditional consultancy models are prohibitive and costly, so we developed Clarity Boost. Boost allows you to acquire support services to delve deeper into your data, optimise your plant and yield benefits for years to come.


Clarity Boost is an expertise on demand service, giving you access to internationally recognised experts in a variety of fields on a flexible basis. It allows our team to support yours, enhancing and amplifying your in-house competencies by providing access to a variety of Subject Matter Experts.

Here are some examples of expert services you can get with Clarity Boost:

– A 10-hour review and analysis of your production process with Mike Smith – our Process expert with over 30 years’ experience working in various large and energy-intensive industries.

– A 5-hour review and analysis of your refrigeration systems by Dave Goldberg, our Refrigeration expert with over 30 years’ experience in Refrigeration and HVAC – Dave’s confident there is no fridge system that cannot be optimised!

– A 5-hour review and analysis of your steam and condensate systems with Jason P. Garner, our Thermal and Cogeneration SME with 20 years’ experiences in designing and commissioning projects.


The solution lets you:

Solve problems

Use our experts to solve your company’s toughest challenges, identify new opportunities and drive savings. Complement your teams through collaboration with our technical specialists, who have decades of experience in their niche field.

Access niche skills

Real-time performance tracking ensures that boiler operations are maintained at the benchmark setpoints to ensure optimal performance. This ensures sustained system performance, thus savings.

Extend resources

Gain a trusted partner who can provide an external perspective (e.g. avoid groupthink during HazOp or opportunity brainstorming; troubleshooting support for processing crisis).