Energy and process optimisation for MANUFACTURING 

Save 15% of your energy bill

Learn how Crowley Carbon can remotely connect to your sites, send 15% of your energy bill savings to the bottom line and give you other process optimisations

Some of the companies saving with us:

Shining a light on energy blindspots – and beyond

Crowley Carbon’s Planet Clarity offers industry’s first SaaS-based solution for real-time monitoring and analysis of energy consumption, providing you with razor-sharp insights into which machinery, process, product line, area, or site is currently consuming more energy than is necessary – and is therefore not as efficient than it has the potential to be.

Data Visualisation

Cutting edge real-time visibility and insights on your energy data and processes with Clarity by Crowley Carbon.

Aggregate multiple data sources, from PLCs, through SCADAs to BMSs and other IoT devices and gain insights that make a difference.

Data Analysis

Use Clarity’s data analysis tools, derive insights and optimisation energy and processes to drive efficiencies.

Use in-house data science and engineering teams or lean on Crowley Carbon’s deep expertise that spans multiple industries

Data-Led Approach to Efficiency


First we implement Clarity™ to bring powerful data tools to your factories to allow us to make joint investment decisions.


Using Clarity and the in-house Crowley Carbon expertise we are able to deliver optimisation savings through light-touch technology.


Make smart data-driven decisions based in Clarity insights that have known returns.

Industry Use-cases

Here are some industries saving with us.  These are not all so if you have a big bill and want to do something about it, please still get in touch!

Meat Processing

Learn how we help meat processing companies save money

Edible Oils

Learn how we help Edible Oil processing companies save money


Learn how we help brewers save money

Glass Containers

Learn how we help glass container producers save money


Learn how we help pharmaceutical manufacturers save money