Are Your Profits Being Turned to Ashes?

Meaningful and demonstrable savings are achieved through application of Crowley Carbon’s deep experience in boiler systems design and operation, coupled with the real-time data in our Energy Management Software Clarity.


Reduction in steam


(up to) Saving in energy consumption


Real-time visibility of saving opportunities

How to Optimize Biomass Boiler Performance with Continuous Fuel Analysis


Biomass Fuel isn’t always consistent

Biomass fuel is infinitely variable,annual rain, direct sunlight, soil conditions, time from harvest to delivery, species, etc. can effect its chemical composition and therefore how it burns. Inefficient burning will mean decreased profits.


Let Boiler & Combustion Experts Classify and Benchmark your Boilers and Fuels

Crowley Carbon’s experts, coupled with the powerful Clarity software, will create meaningful performance tracking dashboards that take the time out of determining whether or not you are burning up your profits in your boiler. The energy and performance tracking dashboards lead to the right decisions being made quicker.


The solution lets you:


The existing system will be modeled and classified, through multi-point data regression, to establish optimum operating benchmarks for things such as oxygen, stack temperature, pressure setpoints, etc.

Performance Tracking

Real-time performance tracking ensures that boiler operations are maintained at the benchmark setpoints to ensure optimal performance. This ensures sustained system performance, thus savings.

Maintenance and Capital Planning

With real-time benchmark tracking, non-operator influenced performance drift can be identified early so that preventive maintenance and capital project planning can take place before it becomes an emergency.

Download Case Study

Find out how we did one of our very successful boiler optimisations.