How can you successfully deliver 10x Improvement?

by | Apr 15, 2021 | Continuous Improvement Factories, Energy Efficiency, Energy Resource Optimisation

10x products in the tech world, it is said, are those that change the world. That, 1000%, order of magnitude change that feels so right, that you could never go back

….back to…..driving down the video shop (if it still existed) or dialling for a taxi (and stressing if it was ever coming) while late for a flight. Standing in a queue in the bank for some stupid reason (or at least it appears so now).

But yet … Plant Engineers still spend half their week scratching around for data, wrestling for hours a day with clunky spreadsheets that have been handed down over years.

There is always some chunk of data missing because the relevant system (BMS, SCADA, compressor controller, Lab data, ERP, etc etc) is not online, or to hand. Or…the system is just so horrible to use that, no one ever does.

Where is the 10x improvement in Delivering Energy Efficiency?

It feels that we have not had a 10x improvement in how we deliver continuous improvement in energy efficiency in industrial plants in the last 30 years

The whole process of energy reporting takes weeks so you are always looking in the rear view mirror. And it is soul destroying….did anyone really go to college for 4 years, 40 hours a week to do this??

There has to be a better way….and there is.

Automated collection of data, automated reporting and predictive analytics are here today. Tapping, frictionlessly, into expertise within and without your organisation.

Use whatever buzzwords that you want (IIoT, smart factory, industry 4.0, digitisation) – The major blocker we see today is actually deploying these tools in a way that delivers that 10x improvement. Combining IT and Engineering Smarts.

It can, however, be done to unlock the potential of your engineers, and deliver peak plant performance.


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