Store renewable energy for later consumption

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How we do it

Battery storage systems enable energy from renewables, such as solar and wind, to be stored for use at a later time. As a result, battery storage can give your business huge flexibility and control when it comes to managing energy use and costs. Battery storage can lower your energy bills, generate new revenues, and provide resilience with backup power.

What we do

System design

Engineering & procurement

Planning & installation

Real-time monitoring with Clarity™

Demand Side Response

Grid integration

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How Clarity™ helps you with battery storage

Our software –  Clarity™ – can predict the optimal times for you to store and release energy, maximising savings by lowering demand charges on energy bills.

Benefits of Battery Storage

Capture excess exported energy from wind or solar

Utilise battery storage for EV charging

Minimise electric bills with less exposure to peak demand periods

Earn significant income through demand response schemes

Emergency back-up system in the event of a grid outage/power cut

Become more energy independent

Meet sustainability goals and lower your carbon footprint

Reduce dependence on fossil fuels