A dramatic reduction in energy consumption doesn’t have to come at a price. Experience longer equipment life, reduced downtime and also increased product output – Welcome to the world of Crowley Carbon energy efficiency, putting energy to work and achieving big savings.

Manufacturing, processing and pharma are different industries with similar problems – large energy spends, sprawling plant rooms and complex processes! In some cases, refrigeration alone can equate to 75% of all electricity used on site. Time and time again, due to inaccurate commissioning, non-dynamic, static controls, difficulty in monitoring the impact of multiple adjustments and short term fixes we see energy and money being flushed down the drain – ring any bells? As much as 42% of the energy consumed by your plant could be going to waste, but we offer a solution – full plant optimisation with savings of between 30% – 70% guaranteed. Our Energy Intelligence suite reduces equipment energy consumption, increases efficiency, reduces downtime and even cuts your plant’s operating costs.




Your customers care about energy efficiency. Today, CSR is the difference between brand loyalty and poor results.
For retailers and those in the food and beverage processing industry Cynergy, our new refrigeration energy management application is the most advanced tool for managing industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment, saving you money and cutting carbon emissions by up to 50%.
Cynergy saved us €1million on our energy spend across our estate and promoted out image as a European leader in energy management and CSR.

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Is your process heavily steam reliant? Do you use a lot of hot water? What happens to the thermal load when you’re done? Crowley Carbon have designed a world leading heat pump solution called Thermal Server™, which can achieve up to 84.9% savings in energy consumption costs.
The high pressure heat pump technology can be driven by a gas engine or electricity and utilises waste heat from manufacturing or geothermal to deliver low cost hot water. It can range in size from 200kW to the multi mega-watt level. Highly sophisticated, the whole system can be managed using smart technology such as your smartphone or laptop. Thermal Server has the ability to heat water from any range up to 95°C.
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Thermal Server



We are one of Europe’s fastest growing energy efficiency companies. Founded in 2009 the company focuses on reducing the energy consumption of large industrial and commercial sites by implementing cost saving energy efficient hardware and our tailor made Energy Management System. In the last three years we have reduced our clients’ energy bills by on average 34% with a return on capital of just under three years. Our offices span three continents, with branches in Ireland, the UK, the Middle East and Australia. Clients of Crowley Carbon include some of the largest companies in the world.


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